2018 EGGFEST IS NOW SOLD OUT as of Feb 3, 2018


-We have held spots for Demo Egg Buyers to attend this year's Eggfest.  If you buy a Demo Egg, you are able to buy two Eggfest spots to enter Eggfest.  

-We have now sold out on Eggfest Chefs along with their Teams, you can be on a waiting list at this point.

-We need 5 extra volunteers that can help set-up and tear down before and after the Eggfest. Contact us directly if you may have interest in helping that day.   -Smitty from Eggs by the Bay

-Complete details of the 2018 Eggfest can be found on the Eggfest Info page.

-We will be offering DEMO EGGS for sale again this year, we will start selling these special buys.  Click Demo Eggs on the website.

-All registered Guests should check list to verify that your name is printed below.
If your name is shown you will have a name tag waiting.  ID's will need to be provided at check in.

-You will not receive a confirmation or tickets to attend, you must check registration list to see if you and your guests are registered.

-If you have sent in your Eggfest registration form, look for your name listed below.

If you don't see your name, or see problems with your name tag info... contact us at

List is updated every 10 days.



2018 Eggfest Registration

As of May 15, 2018
Chefs-24 Teams-105

Dena Acevedo - Campbell
Michael Acevedo - Campbell
Isabella Agredano - Union City
Maritza Agredano - Union City
Sal Agredano - Union City
Maddie Alvarez - San Bruno
Joseph Alioto - San Jose
Chris Almenar - San Jose
Steve Alvarado - San Jose
Terri Alvarado - San Jose
Margret Ancona - San Jose
Roco Ancona - San Jose
Aaron Anderson - San Jose
Don Andrzejewski - Santa Clara
Sharon Andrzejewski - Santa Clara
Rick Armstrong - Cupertino
Wendy Armstrong - Cupertino
Lynn Atkinson - Benicia
Tyan Atkinson - Benicia
Carol Austin - Saratoga
Kyle Austin - Saratoga
Michael Austin - Saratoga
Sue Austin - Saratoga
Jos Backus - Sunnyvale
Trish Backus - Sunnyvale
Bob Baker - San Bruno
Karen Baker - San Bruno
Adrienne Barnes - Vallejo
Kevin Barnes - Vallejo
Cassie Barnmore - San Jose
David Barnmore - San Jose
Benita Baron - San Jose
Jessica Baron - San Jose
Juan Baron Sr - San Jose
Andy Bavoukian - Fremont
Aslin Bavoukian - Fremont
Berndette Bavoulian - Fremont
Christopher Bavoukian - Fremont
Jason Benedik - Fremont
Jennifer Benedik - Fremont
Bonnie Bernell - Redwood City
Mark Bilski - San Jose
Ken Bishop - Tiburon
Denyse Blasdel - San Ramon
Emma Blickenstaff - San Jose
Lisa Blickenstaff - San Jose
Robert Blickenstaff - San Jose
Cora Blue - Los Gatos
Patricia Blue - Los Gatos
Edna Boardman - San Jose
Jim Boardman - San Jose
Dan Boyd - Santa Rosa
Merav Branitzky - San Jose
Rami Branitzky - San Jose
Roy Branitzky - San Jose
Karen Bray - San Jose
Mike Bray - San Jose
Anne Brinkman - Sunnyvale
Bea Bristow - Benicia
Hanna Bristow - Benicia
John Bristow - Benicia
Michaela Bristow - Benicia
Bowdy Broeker - Livermore
Duff Broeker - San Ramon
David Brown - San Jose
Susan Brown - San Jose
Bob Burres - San Jose
Shirley Burres  San Jose
Danielle Burgess - Woodland
Ryan Burgess - Woodland
Brad Canfield - Los Altos
Jessica Canfield - Los Altos
Lesley Canfield - Los Altos
Alfred Carrasquillo - Lancaster
Jason Casias - San Ramon
Tammy Casias - San Ramon
Bobby Ceja - Hollister
Elena Ceja - Hollister
Don Chan - San Francisco
Sandy Chan - Palo Alto
Garrett Chang - Berkeley
Richard Chavez - San Jose
Paul Chen - San Francisco
William Conville - Mountain View
Ansgar Chorhummel - Morgan Hill
Genevieve Chorhummel - Morgan Hill
Deborah Choy - San Jose
Fortunato Chua - San Francisco
Jane Chua - San Francisco
Judy Cole - San Mateo
Jeremy Coleman - Fremont
Kelli Conti - Fremont
Neal Conti - Fremont
Ivan Cortinas - Campbell
Manuel Cortinas - Campbell
Nancy Cortinas - Campbell
Kelly Cotta - Fremont
Darius Dadabhoy - San Mateo
Zane Dadabhoy - San Mateo
Bill Daley - Los Altos
Karen Shea-Daley - Los Altos
Clarence Davis - San Jose
Steve Delfino - San Jose
Meghan Delgadillo - Fremont
Carla DeLuna - Hollister
Eddie DeLuna - Hollister
Marisol DeLuna - Hollister
Raul DeLuna - Hollister
Eric Devincenzi - Campbell
Wendy Devincenzi - Campbell
Rob Devincenzi - San Jose
Joan DiPietro - Roseville
Rick DiPietro - Roseville
Michelle Dittmer - San Carlos
Paul Dittmer - San Carlos
Michael Doak - Campbell
Kevin Doughty - Livermore
Monica Doughty - Livermore
Hank Dosdorian - San Francisco
Andy Dufrene - Walnut Creek
Jim Eastman - San Jose
Linda Eastman - San Jose
Bill Elliott - San Francisco
Julia Elliott - San Francisco
Nathan Elliott - Woodside
Gary Embler - Redwood City
Matt Ernst - Modesto
Beryl Fajardo - Campbell
Karen Ferguson - Sunnyvale
Christina Figura - Belmont
John Figura - Belmont
Brandon Finazzo - San Francisco
JoAnn Finazzo - Elk Grove
John Finazzo - Elk Grove
Peter Fischer - San Jose
Kathy Flores - San Jose
Lizy Flores - San Jose
Nicole Flores - San Jose
Bernadette Fogard - Rocklin
Kevin Fogard - Rocklin
Charles Fogleman - Sunnyvale
Scott Forstall - Los Altos
Carla Franklin - San Jose
Bill Frederick - San Jose
Karen Frederick - San Jose
Mark Freitas - Hollister
Shawna Freitas - Hollister
PJ Gallego - Cupertino
Cindy Loo Garcia - Santa Clara
Frank Garcia - Los Gatos
Joe Garcia - Santa Clara
Nancy Garcia - San Jose
Justin Garcia - San Jose
Autumn Garibay - San Francisco
Janet Garibay - Redding
Robert Garibay - Redding
Robert Garibay II - San Francisco
Spencer Garibay - Redding
Kelli Casale- San Jose
Donna Gewant - Los Gatos
Fred Gewant - Los Gatos
Joe Giallo - Saratoga
Mary Giallo - Saratoga
Lilly Gillies - Hollister
Paul Gillies - Hollister
Misty Gober - Santa Clara
Simon Gober - Santa Clara
Marshall Goldman - Cupertino
Jonathan Goldman - San Carlos
Heidi Goll - Saratoga
Don Goossens - San Jose
Rosemary Goossens - San Jose
Cindy Gorman - San Jose
Craig Gorman - San Jose
Rick Gray - Los Altos
Andy Green - Campbell
Susie Green - Campbell
Adrian Grigorieff - San Jose
Marna Grigorieff - San Jose
Sean Grizzle - Roseville
Val Grizzle - Roseville
Gabrielle Guidero - San Jose
Rob Guidero - San Jose
Matt Gundersen - San Jose
Adam Gustafson - San Fransico
Brian Haas - San Jose
Mary Haas - San Jose
Mike Harding - Oelando, FL
Matt Harris - San Jose
Jason Harvey - San Jose
Anne Hayden - Aptos
Frank Hayden - Aptos
Kim Hayes - Pleasanton
Blake Headley - Antelope
Jack Headley - Roseville
Donavan Hecker - Fremont
Vanessa Hecker - Fremont
Frederick Heerinckx - San Jose
Sophie Heerinckx - San Jose
Myron Hewski - San Bruno
Devon Hibbert - San Jose
Justin Hibbert - San Jose
Dan Hobbs - Sunol
Joshua Hobbs - Sunol
Maddie Hobbs - Sunol
Monica Hobbs - Sunol
Ryan Hobbs - Sunol
Lisa Hoffman - San Jose
Peter Hoffman - San Jose
Carl Honaker - San Jose
Karen Honaker - San Jose
Mark Honer - Mountain View
Jeff Johanson - San Carlos
George John - Menlo Park
Mariam Johns - San Leandro
Michael Johns - San Leandro
Robert Johnson - Turlock
Mark Jones - San Jose
Char Jung - Lafayette
Dana Jung - Lafayette
Adam Karon - Santa Cruz
Chigusa Katotu - San Jose
John Kellitis - San Bruno
Philomena Kelly - San Jose
Shura Kelly - San Francisco
Susie Kemline - Fremont
Tom Kemline - Fremont
David Kemp - Saratoga
Brian Killian - San Jose
Tricia Killian - San Jose
Diane King - San Jose
Tony King - San Jose
Laura Kirkham - San Jose
Monica Klein - Benicia
Ashley Koedel - Newark
Eric Koedel - Newark
Robert Kossayian - San Jose
Teresa Kossayian - San Jose
Lynn Krajnovich - San Jose
Tuebo Krajnovich - San Jose
Bryan Krumenacker - Benicia
Ethan Krumenacker - Benicia
Sammy Krumenacker - Benicia
Leon Kuo - San Francisco
Jean-Paul Lambrechts - San Jose
Todd Lamonte - San Jose
Stephen Lam - San Jose
Tonie Lam - San Jose
Abhey Lamba - Danville
Ananya Lamba - Danville
Sonia Lamba - Danville
Andrea Lang - San Jose
Johnny Lang - San Jose
Dan Larot - San Jose
Linda Larot - San Jose
Brease Lawlor - Los Altos
Damian Lawlor - Los Altos
Elina Lawlor - Los Altos
Mieke Lawlor - Los Altos
Rian Lawlor - Los Altos
Alan Leban - Los Altos
Kim Leban - Los Altos
Andrea Lehan - Sunol
Jenni Lehman - Livermore
Steve Lehman - Livermore
Fran Lehto - Morgan hill
Art Leija - Hollister
Lupe Leija - Hollister
Dao Lentz - Benicia
Karl Lentz - Benicia
Sydney Lentz - Benicia
Jim Lesage - San Jose
Mike Lewis - San Jose
Anna Lien - San Francisco
Thal Kathy Lieu - San Francisco
Richard Lin - San Jose
Ron Lind - Milpitas
Jon Linthacum - San Jose
Garrett Liu - Mountain View
Nhung Liu - Mountain View
Danny Lizardo - Aptos
Donna Lizardo - Aptos
Matthew Lora - Sunol
Andrew Love - San Jose
Renee Love - San Jose
Darryl Lowe - San Jose
Ging Lowe - Petaluma
Hilda Paliacos Lowe - San Jose
Melanie Lucas - San Francisco
Daphne Luke - Petaluma
Anthony Lum - Los Gatos
Eppie Lum - Los gatos
Amber Lunderville - Redwood City
Dan Lunderville - Redwood City
Van Ma - San Francisco
Kim MacDonald - Danville
Travis MacDonald - Danville
Kristine Magdefrau - Concord
Binh Maggiore - Los Gatos
Len Maggiore - Los Gatos
Lori Maghanoy - Berkeley
Diane Marshall - San Francisco
Katy Mattos - San Jose
Chris McManus - Fremont
Rocio McManus - Fremont
Laureano Mendoza - San Jose
Chris Mentink - Folsom
Kerstin Mentink - Folson
Susan Mentink - Folsom
Tyler Mentink - Folsom
Loy De Mesa - Daly City
Melody De Mesa - Daly City
Janet Middleton - Morgan Hill
Mike Middleton - Morgan Hill
Raquel Montoya - San Jose
Pam Moore - Los Altos
JoAnn Morris - Santa Clara
Jeff Morris - Santa Clara
Laurie Morrison - West Scaramento
Jonah Mullens - Los Altos Hills
Chris Munson - Sunnyvale
Nick Nakashima - Cupertino
Carrie Nelson - Murphys
Gerry Nelson - Murphys
Omar Nevarez - San Jose
Rene Nevarez - San Jose
Greg Niven - Santa Clara
Michelle Niven - Santa Clara
Chuck Nordheim - Los Gatos
Tina Ngo - San Rafael
Will Nguyen - Sunnyvale
Heidi Stephenson Nunes - Concord
John Nunes - Concord
Andrea Olowoyeye - Los Gatos
Olusere Olowoyeye - Los Gatos
Alyana Hernandez Palacios - San Jose
Natasha Jasso Palacios - San Jose
Derik Parman - Los Altos
Michelle Packett - San Mateo
Josh Parman - Los Altos
Mary Parman - Los Altos
Mandi Parker - Danville
Mike Parker - Danville
Kevin Patterson - San Jose
Mark Paxton - Hollister
Mary Paxton - Hollister
Madelynn Perez - Fremont
Randy Perez - Fremont
Amy Perrier - San Francisco
Jeff Petry - San Mateo
Leslie Petry - San Mateo
Rick Phelan - San Jose
Lisa Phetchamphone - Modesto
Nern Pop - San Ramon
Carrie Purcell - San Jose
Cyndee Pustka - San Jose
Pustka Guest
Ray Quides - San Rafael
Donal Quinlan - San Jose
Denis Quirke - San Francisco
Amal Radia - Danville
Steffanie Radia - Danville
Eddie Ramirez - Fremont
Phyllis Ramirez - Fremont
Dawn Recchio - San Jose
John Recchio - San Jose
Sandra Recchio - San Jose
Anna Retzer - San Jose
Briana Retzer - San Jose
Darren Rich - San Mateo
Silvia Rich - San Mateo
Brantley Rideau - San Francisco
Joe Rideau - Los Gatos
Lorraine Rideau - Los Gatos
Cindy Roberts - Los Gatos
Michael Roberts - Los Gatos
Kiera Robinson - San Jose
Melissa Koomey - Burlingame
Luke Roi - Redding
Anita Roman - San Jose
Krista Roman - Morgan Hill
Michael Roman - Morgan Hill
Miguel Roman - San Jose
Elkie Romero - Fremont
Ruben Romero - Fremont
Chris Rosati - Fremont
Christine Rosati - Fremont
Elizabeth Rubin - Portola Valley
Mike Rubin - Portola Valley
Alison Ruebusch - Saratoga
Ron Ruebusch - Saratoga
Dolores Saenz - San Jose
Rudy Saenz - San Jose
Rachel Safadi - Saratoga
Scott Safadi - Saratoga
Frank Sandy - Santa Clara
Jim Sartain  Petaluma
Rebecca Sartain - Petaluma
Melissa Sayban - San Jose
Scott Sayban - San Jose
Eric Saxberg - San Mateo
Anneliese Scadden - San Jose
Elaine Scadden - San Jose
Michael Scadden - San Jose
Chantal Schaller - San Jose
Rachel Scheulen - San Mateo
Sebastian Scheulen - San Mateo
Brian Schretz - West Sacramento
Ben Sendlakowski - Benicia
Mia Sendlakowski - Benicia
Mike Sendlakowski - Benicia
Kate Shaner - Sacramento
Alan Sharp - San Jose
Veronica Sharp - San Jose
Andriana Shea - San Bruno
Mollyanne Sherman - Newark
Scott Sherman - Newark
Karen Shin - Mountain View
Yoomin Shin - San Jose
Barbara Smith - San Jose
Casey Smith - Los Altos
Josh Smith - San Jose
Lauren Smith - San Jose
Marjorie Smith - San Jose
Mathis Smith - San Jose
Mitch Smith - Los Altos
Daniel Soon - Sunnyvale
Sang Hee Soon - Sunnyvale
Mark Stephenson - Martinez
Reina Stephenson - Martinez
Rowena Stephenson - Martinez
Dan Stockton - Salinas
Adam Strack - Fremont
Kimberly Strack - Fremont
Greg Suckow - Fremont
Marlon Tarape - Daly City
Marilou Tarape - Daly City
Terrell Taylor - San Jose
Adriana Terry - San Jose
Drew Terry - San Jose
Julie Thomas - Orinda
Randy Thomas - Orinda
Dan Todd - San Carlos
Bonnie Tognazzini - Hollister
Mark Tognazzini - Hollister
Ashley Towner - Los Altos
Eva Tran - San Francisco
Loc Tran - San Jose
Daniel Truong - San Francisco
Albert Tsai - San Francisco
David Untalan - San Jose
Antionette Vaqueret - Fremont
Melvin Vaughn - Los Altos
Cynthia Verbis  Brentwood
Sergio Verbis - Brentwood
Steve Viegas - San Jose
David Walda - San Francisco
Ron Walker - Cupertino
Suzan Walker - Cupertino
Stephanie Wang - San Francisco
Jim Ward - Tracy
Patty Ward - Tracy
Shannon Weed - San Francisco
Art Whipple - Los Altos
Tanya Wilkins - San Carlos
James Williams - San Jose
Joan Williams - San Jose
Megan Wilson - San Jose
Jimmy Wong - San Francisco
Dale Worden - San Jose
Bev Wu - Shingle Springs
Wieland Wu - Shingle Springs
Lauren Yeh - Cupertino
Elaine Young - Santa Clara
Mike Young - Santa Clara
Daniel Zaner - Palo Alto
John Zdrodowski - Woodside
Leanne Zellmer - Livermore
Steve Zellmer - Livermore
George Zengel - Fresno
Paul Zengel - Oakland


Chris Atkinson - Team
Ryan Atkinson - Team
Beth Atlas - Team
Greg Atlas - Team
Leta Atlas - Team
David Avilla - Team
Don Baker - Team
Kristi Baker - Team
Scott Bertken - Team
Christain Boyce - EGGFEST CHEF
Darlene Boyce - Team
Jennifer Brunton - Team
Dane Bunton - Team
Nikolas Bunton - Team
Robin Bunton - Team
Theresa Bundig - Team
Patrick Canonge - Team
Tony Chan - Team
Phil Clarke - Team
Robert Dela Pena - EGGFEST CHEF
Kris Deardon - Team
Joe Deardon - Team
Dan Demarco - Team
Sidney Demarco - Team
Dan Doak - Team
Chris Dunn - Team
Ann Engdahl - Team
Pete Engdahl - EGGFEST CHEF
Sue Engdahl - Team
Glenn Fajardo - Team
Andre Gabriel - Team
Sandra Giunchino - Team
Victor Grigorieff - EGGFEST CHEF
Ken Heiman - Team
Jamie Hill - Team
Christine Hingle - Team
Kathleen Hingle - Team
Katie Hingle - Team
Lexi Hingle - Team
Jeanne Hoffman - Team
Kelly Hoffman - Team
Adam Jacobs - Team
Amanda Jacobs - Team
Tony Johnson - EGGFEST CHEF
Kelly Jones - Team
Robert Jones - Teams
Steve Jones - Team
Eric Kagel - Team
Ashley Kane - Team
Jennifer Kane - Team
Sandra Kane - Team
An Le - Team
Joyce Leach - Team
Diane Lee - San Jose
Sam Loeb - Team
Christina Lopez - Team
Crystal Lopez - Team
Sean Lopez  - Team
Shaun Lopez -     EGGFEST CHEF
Gerry Lyons - Team
Michael Mackey - Team
Sarah Mackey - Team
Mario Martins - Team
Zach Mattos - Team
Leo Mendoza - Team
Pam Mendoza - Team
Mike Morea - Team
Mikeja Morea - Team
Ryan Morgan - Team
Cliff Morris - EGGFEST CHEF
Lori Morasch - Team
Pete Morasch - Team
Jennifer Mullen Morgan - Team
Nadtaran Musavi - Team
Brad Nemire - Team
Jessica Nemire - Team
Lam Nguyen - Team
Rocie Nguyen - Team
Ralph Nunez - Team
Jennifer O'Connor - Team
Sean O'Connor - EGGFEST CHEF
Henrique Oliveira - Team
Adam OwYoung - Team
Gilbert Pareja - Team
Cyndee Pustka - Team
Bob Reed - Team
Ethan Roberts - Team
Jonathan Koomey - Team
Evelyne Roe - Team
Ron Roe - Team
Danella Ruiz - Team
Whitney Ryan - Team
Christina Saenz - Team
Nikko Saenz - Team
Teddy Saenz - EGGFEST CHEF
Jerrold Simon - Team
Shannon Simpson - Team
Barb Spencer - Team
Keith Spencer - Team
Demetrius Stewart - EGGFEST CHEF
Jewel Stewart - Team
Carol Taniguchi - Team
Richard Telly - EGGFEST CHEF
Richard Telly - Team
Justin Thomas - Team
Fuanna Thompson - Team
Ryan Thompson - Team
Andrew Tower - EGGFEST CHEF
Amanda Tower - Team
Christine Tower - Team
Christopher Tower - Team
John Tower - Team
Margie Tower - Team
Troy Towner - Team
Jarret Trujillo - Team
Jess Trujillo - EGGFEST CHEF
Bobby Uppal - EGGFEST CHEF
Benny Villanueva Jr. - Team
Ronnie Villanueva - EGGFEST CHEF
Ronald Villanueva - Team
Tom Wilson - Team
Charlene Yu - Team


Kevin Balsbaugh
Xavier Balsbaugh
Fernanda Carlson
Jay Chan
Taylor Cross
Carlos Estrada
Ed Gordon
Mary Grizzle
Valerie Ferguson
John Hildebrand
John Hildebrand Jr
Virginia Hildebrand
Derek Ortiz
Tom McNamara
Sanda Ortiz
Matt Saenz
Anne Schneider
John Schneider
Ana Smith
Michelle Vagnati
Mike Walke
Will Walke
John Yee
Nancy Yee


Gary Addiego - Sierra Select Distributors
Jim Becker - Sierra Select Distributors
Duane Morris - Sierra Select Distributors
Brent Wallace - Sierra Select Distributors
Charlie Atherton - Golden State Brewery
Seth Hendrickson - Golden State Brewery
Stephanie Hendrickson - Golden State Brewery
Brent Kordes - Golden State Brewery

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