Our ​​20​​20 EGGFEST Registration is now CLOSED

- We will cut off registration once we get to 550 attendees. We also have spots open for Chefs and their Teams, these team spots are capped at 27.  If you are interested in great deals on gently used DEMO EGGS...click DEMO EGGS for complete details on getting nice discounts. We are holding tickets for all Demo Egg buyers and a guest.

-Complete details of the 2019 Eggfest can be found on the Eggfest Info page.

-All registered Guests should check list to verify that your name is printed below.
If your name is shown you will have a name tag waiting.  ID's will need to be provided at check in.

-You will not receive a confirmation or tickets to attend, you must check registration list to see if you and your guests are registered.


-Eggfest location is located in Saratoga, California.  It will held at West Valley College.  Actual address is 14000 Fruitvale Ave, Saratoga, CA 95070.  Map  (we will have signage up that day directing everyone to Eggfest and parking)

-If you have sent in your Eggfest registration form, look for your name listed below.
If you don't see your name, or see problems with your name tag info... contact us at

If you need to switch a guest name you have paid for, please email us 10 days before the Eggfest.  

List is updated every 10 days.



2020 Eggfest Registration

As of February 11, 2020
Attendees 571
Chefs 16 (open 6)
Team 60
Staff/Volunteers 14 (open 8)

Dena Acevedo - Campbell
Mike Acevedo - Campbell
Isabella Agredano - Union City
Maritza Agredano - Union City
Sal Agredano - Union City
Joe Alioto - San Jose
Doug Alleman - Glenwood City, WI
Kathy Alleman - Glenwood City, WI
Scott Allen - Oakland
Steve Alvarado - San Jose
Terri Alvarado - San Jose
Andy Anchev - San Jose
Kate Anchev - San Jose
Scott Anderson - Soquel
Claudia Arango - Los Gatos
Isaac Arias - Newark
Kelly Arias - Newark
Owen Atkinson - Benicia
Ryan Atkinson - Benicia
Carol Austin - Draper, UT
Kyle Austin - Saratoga
Mike Austin -Draper, UT
Sue Austin - Saratoga
Karen Baker - San Bruno
Bob Baker - San Bruno
Jessica Baron - San Jose
Chrsitine Bartolomei - Sacramento
Paul Bartolomei - Sacramento
Bernard Bassil - San Francisco
Blake Bauman - San Jose
Marc Bauman - San Jose
Aslin Bavoukian - Fremont
Christopher Bavoukian - Fremont
Bavoukian guest
Bavoukian guest
Bavoukian guest
Jason Benedik - Fremont
Jennifer Benedik - Fremont
Erica Bennett - Morgan Hill
John Bennett - Morgan Hill
Bonnie Bernell - Redwood City
Erik Birkeneder - San Francisco
Sandy Birkeneder - San Francisco
Rabih Bitar - San Jose
Josh Bobb - Newark
Brent Boyd - West Hills
Dan Boyd - Santa Rosa
James Britton - Sacramento
Mel Britton - Sacramento
Tobin Brockett - San Jose
Mark Brown - San Francisco
Andy Burch - Alameda
Kelly Burch - Alameda
Andres Cabral - Pasadena
Francisco Cardenas - San Jose
Gena Caries - San Jose
Cyndi Casale - San Jose
Dean Casale - San Jose
Kelli Casale - San Jose
Sam Castellano - San Jose
Nelson Celada - Guatamala
Jeff Cary - Danville
Lauren Cary - San Francisco
Monique Cary - Danville
Nick Cary - Danville
Bobby Ceja - Hollister
Bobby Jr Ceja - Hollister
Elena Ceja - Hollister
Olivia Ceja - Hollister
Jess Cervantes - Castroville
Kate Chavez - Sacramento
Richard Chavez - Sacramento
Jenny Chen - San Jose
Suzy Chen - Milpitas
Eric Cheng - San Jose
Ying Meei Chuong - Fremont
Deb Choy - San Jose
Fortunato Chua - San Francisco
Jane Chua - San Francisco
Cliff Citragno - Santa Clara
Jeremy Coleman - Brentwood
Kelly Coleman - Brentwood
Kelli Conti - Fremont
Neal Conti - Fremont
Eden Crouch - Palo Alto
Greg Crouch - Palo Alto
nina Curry - Santa Clara
Todd Curry - Santa Clara
Cecilia DeRosa - San Jose
Darius Dabahoy - San Carlos
Priya Dasgupta - Union City
Cat D'aulerio - San Jose
Tom D'Aulerio - San Jose
Scott Deeg - San Jose
David Del Greco - Fremont
Dessa Del Greco - Frmont
Dan DeMarco - San Jose
Syndey DeMarco - San Jose
Camila Del Rio - Holl1ster
Fabian Del Rio - Hollister
Sulema Del Rio - Hollister
Alexis DeLuna - Hollister
Citlalli DeLuna - Hollister
Marisol DeLuna - Hollister
Marissa DeLuna - Hollister
Raul DeLuna - Hollister
Carla DeLuna - Hollister
Eddie DeLuna - Hollister
Jason Denney - Benicia
Sharon Denney - Benicia
Mario Desusa - Livermore
Eric Devincenzi - Los Gatos
Wendy Devincenzi - Los Gatos
Debbie Diaz - San Jose
Ann Marie Dierke - San Francisco
Jim Dierke - San Francisco
Michelle Ditmer - San Jose
Giang Doan - San Jose
Sabrina Doan - San Jose
Mike Donahoe - San Jose
Wendy Donhoe - San Jose
Adam Dorsay - San Jose
Aurianne Dorsay - San Jose
Avin Dorsay - San Jose
Breu Dorsay - San Jose
Andy DuFrene - Walnut Creek
Hank Dosdorian - San Francisco
Bill Elliott - San Francisco
Julia Elliott - San Francisco
Nathan Elliott - Woodside
Gary Embler - Redwood City
Matt Ernst - Modesto
Cole Fisher - Palo Alto
Hannah Fisher - Palo Alto
Lizy Flores - San Jose
Nicole Flores - San Jose
Francisco Flores - San Jose
Virgina Flores - Newark
Nicole Forbs - San Ramon
Javille Ford - Sacrameto
Joseph Ford - Sacramneto
Craig Frandsen - Hollister
Julie Frandsen - Hollister
Brandon Gabbard - Mountain View
Jim Gabbard - Mountain View
Justin Gabbard - Santa Clara
Steven Gabbard - San Jose
Sandra Gaedke - San Jose
Frank Gamez - Morgan Hill
Janet Gamez - Morgan Hill
Cindy Garcia - Santa Clara
Ernie Garcia - San Jose
Iris Garcia - San Jose
Joe Garcia - Santa Clara
Justin Garcia - San Jose
Liz Garcia - San Jose
Nancy Garcia  - San Jose
Bradley Gee - San Francisco
Brandon Gee - San Francisco

Roberta Gee - San Francisco
Victor General - Palo Alto
Donna Gewant - Los Gatos
Frewd Gewant - Los Gatos
John Giddings - San Jose
Steve Gimenez - Campbell
Rebecca Gober - Santa Clara
Simon Gober - Santa Clara
Justin Gonzales - Hayward
LuLaine Gonzales - Hatward
Mario Gonzalez - San Jose
Marae Gonzalez - San Jose
Stephanie Gonzalez - Santa Clara
Terry Gonzales - San Jose
Valerie Gonzales - San Jose
Danielle Goodvoice - San Jose
Jesse Goodvoice - San Jose
Gary Grainger - San Martin
Katelyn Grainger - San Martin
Rhonda Grainger - San Martin
Amy Green - Citrus Heights
Dan Green - Citrus Heights
Josh Greer - Gilroy
Stephanie Greer - Gilroy
Candace Griffin - Hollister
Isaac Griffin - Hollister
Nesiah Griffin - Hollister
Adrian Grigorieff - San Jose
Marna Grigorieff - San Jose
Matt Gunderen - San Jose
Derica Haack - San Jose
Matt Haack - San Jose
Brian Haas - San Jose
Mary Haas - San Jose
David Hankins - Milpitas
Blake Headley - Roseville
Jack Headley - Roseville
Kristen Hedger - San Jose
Ken Heiman - Santa Clara
Eric Hennings - San Jose
Lucas Hennings - San Jose
Debra Herrera - Pacifica
John Herrera - Pacifica
Jason Hervey - San Jose
Myron Hewski - San Bruno
Devon Hibbert - San Jose
Justin Hibbert - San Jose
Jim Higgins - Lafayette
Monica Higgins - Lafayette
Darryl Hilscher - Manteca
Linda Hilscher - Manteca
Christina Hingle - Los Gatos
Katie Hingle - Los Gatos
Lexi Hingle - Los Gatos
Marlene Hingle - Los Gatos
Paul Hogan - Santa Clara
Carl Honaker - San Jose
Karen Honaker - San Jose
Susan Hong - Redwood City
Tod Horvatich - San Jose
Scott House - San Jose
Aileen Hsu - Woodland Hills
Ivan Hsu - Woodland Hills
Lorena Hughshenas - Los Gatos
Seena Hughshenas - Los Gatos
Albert Hung - Fremont
Andrew Huysman - San Jose
Tina Huysman - San Jose
Roshan Isaac - San Jose
Karo Isagan - San Jose
Kristen Isajan - San Jose
Kelly Jones - Danville
Jones guest
Jones guest
Jones guest
Marshall Jurez - San Jose
Mike Kappus - Danville
Yolanda Kappus - Danville
Adam Karon - Menlo Park
Susan Karon - Santa Cruz
Philomena Kelly - San Jose
Susie Kemline - Fremont
Thomas Kemline - Fremont
Elaine Ketell - Sunnyvale
Kent Ketell - Sunnyvale
Nopporn Kianttinant - Fremont
Hungtae Kim - Mountain View
Bill King - San Jose
Bridget King - San Jose
Diane King - San Jose
Natalie King - San Jose
Tony King - San Jose
Connie Klass - San Jose
Dylan Kobertz - San Jose
Alyssa Koedel - Livermore
Ashley Koedel - Newark
Wictoria Komarek - San Jose
Brett Kubik - Danville
Gerry Jenson - Capitola
Joaquin Jiminez - San Jose
Mariam Johns - San Leandro
Michael Johns - San Leandro
Carlin Jones - San Jose
Jared Ladd - Folsom
Shauna Ladd - Folsom
Beth Lambert - Santa Clara
Doug Lambert - Santa Clara
Todd Lamorte - San Jose
Christine Lardent - Santa Rosa
Daniel Larot - San Jose
Linda Larot - San Jose
John Lau - San Jose
Fernanda Laursen - Sunnyvale
Michael Laursen - Sunnyvale
An Le - San Jose
Samantha Leach - Santa Clara
Michelle Leat - San Jose
Art Leija - Hollister
Lupe Leija - Hollister
Jacqueline Lehman - Livermore
Jenni Lehman - Livermore
Kipp Lehman - Livermore
Steve Lehman - Livermore
Mike Lewis - San Jose
Xiang Li - San Jose
Yifun Liang - Milpitas
Anna Lien - San Francisco
Jon Linthacum - San Jose
Terrence Lintoco - San Ramon
Anthony Lim - Milpitas
Ron Lind - Milpitas
Terry Link - Danville
Rich Link - Danville
Russanne Lipkus - Los Gotos
Garrett Liu - Montain View
Nhung Liu - Mountain View
Alice Loeb - Reswood City
Eric Loedel - Newark
Danny Lomholdt - Vacaville
Mary Lomholdt - Vacaville
Crystal Lopez - San Jose
Shaun Lopez - San Jose
Michael Francis Loughery - San Ramon
Andrew Love - San Jose
Renee Love - San Jose
Ging Lowe - Petaluma
Daphne Luke - Petaluma
Amber Lunderville - San Jose
San Lunderville - San Jose
Gail Lundquist - Diamond Springs
Ngor Luong - San Francisco
Dennis LuPlante - San Jose
Emily Ma - San Mateo
Van Ma - San Francisco
Brian Maass - Lafayette
Ellie Maass - Lafayette
Sheleeza Maass - Lafayette
Kim MacDonald - Danville
Travis MacDonald - Danville
Michael Machado - San Jose
Binh Maggiore - Los Gatos
Len Maggiore - Los Gatos
Vince Maggiore - San Jose
Sangeeta Maheshwari - San Jose
Brooke Mailler - Fremont
John Mailler - Fremont
Florence Mak - Sunnyvale
Diana Mann - Willits
Jennifer Mann - Willits
Gary Mann - Willits
Andrew Mandel - Morgan Hill
Michelle Mandel - Morgan Hill
Ana Manzano - San Jose
Lisa Marie - San Jose
Lisa Martin - San Jose
Nancy Martin - La Honda
Michelle Martinea - Los Gatos
Chris Martinez - San Jose
Stacey Martinez - San Jose
Jessie Martinez - Alameda
Rebecca Martinez - San Jose
Diane Marshall - San Francisco
Deanna Masovich - San Jose
Stephen Masovich - San Jose
Chissie McGiveran - Los Gatos
Jimmy McGiveran - Los Gatos
Donnie McIntosh - Fremont
Sharon McIntosh - Fremont
Sydney McIntosh - Fremont
Ken McKinnon - Los Gatos
Chris McManus - Fremont
Irene McManus - Santa Cruz
Michael McManus - Santa Cruz
Rocio McManus - Fremont
Raul Mecedo - San Jose
Brittian Melehan - Los Gatos
Jonathan Melehan - Los Gatos
Mike Mendizahd - Milpitas
Glenn Merhige - San Jose
Joann Merhige - San Jose
Pat Messinger - Palo Alto
Erin Miller - San Jose
Gretchen Miller - San Jose
Sam Miller - San Jose
David Montoya - Fremont
Lois Montoya - Fremont
Raquel Montoya - San Jose
Ray Montoya - Fremont
Mike Morea - Columbia
Jane Morgan - Carmichael
Ryan Morgan - Carmichael
Bob Morganstern - San Jose
Aaron Morse - Scotts Valley
Stephanie Morse - Scotts valley
Adriana Mullen - Redwood City
Bruce Mullen - Reno
Jennifer Mullen - Carmichael
Jeff Mullen - Reno
Jill Mullen - Redwood City
John Mullen - Portland
John Mullen - Redwood City
Tom Mullen - Redwood City
Jade Munch - Fremont
Rob Nardone - Morgan Hill
Carrie Nelson - Murphys
Tina Quyen Ngo - Richmond
Chuck Nordheim - Los Gatos
Ron Norquist - San Jose
Alex Norton - San Mateo
Kevin Norton - San Mateo
Kathy Ong - San Francisco

Ryan O'Quinn - San Jose
Ray Quides - Richmond
Adriana Quinonez - San Jose
Jake Quinonez - San Jose
Benita Quiroz - San Jose
Art Padilla - San Jose
Delia Padilla - San Jose
Kasra Panah - San Jose
Shadi Panah - San Jose
Debe Parades - Campbell
Keith Parades - Campbell
Dana Parker - Los Gatos
Mandi Parker  - Danville
Mike Parker - Danville
Tina Parsley - San Jose
CC Parson - Santa Cruz
Brandon Pasek - San Jose
Monica Pasek - San Jose
Cathy Perez - San Jose
Madelynn Perez - Fremont
Nettie Perez - San Jose
Raymond Perez - San Jose
Bart Petitelere - Horseshoe Bend, ID
Tommy Pham - San Francisco
Rick Phelan - San Jose
Lisa Phetchamphone - Modesto
Christine Phillips - Sacramento
Kristin Pinnatore - Fremont
Amal Prasad - Sunnyvale
Volodymyr Protsenlo - Redwood City
Zack Rance - Pacifica
Dawn Recchio - San Jose
John Recchio - San Jose
Ellenor Rios - San Jose
Andrew Rodarte - San Jose
Randy Rodriguez - Mountain View
Anita Roman - San Jose
Krista Roman - Morgan Hill
Mike Roman - San Jose
Michael Roman - Morgan Hill
Simon Roman - San Jose
Jason Roper - San Ramon
Sam Rosales - Hollister
Chris Rosati - Fremont
Christine Rosati - Fremont
Ania Rossi - Santa Clara
Laurice Rubalcava - San Jose
Tara Sadeghi - Los Gatos
Dolores Saenz - San Jose
Mary Saenz - San Jose
Nikko Saenz - San Francisco
R J Saenz - San Jose
Rick Saenz - San Jose
Rudy Saenz - San Jose
Shannon Saenz -San Jose
Teddy Saenz - San Jose
Max Salazar - San Jose
Sara Salazar - San Jose
Chelbie Sanchez - Fremont
Aric Saunders - Palo Alto
Saunders guest
Saunders guest
Saunders guest
Dwight Sanderfer - Campbell
Emily Sanderfer - Campbell
Jesse Sanderfer - Campbell
Mary Anne Sanderfer - Campbell
Muya Santacruz - San Jose
Jose Santacruz - San Jose
Dan Sarkisian - Campbell
Dawn Sarkisian - Campbell
Carrie Sayler - San Jose
Anneliese Scadden - San Jose
Michael Scadden - San Jose
Martin Schlapfer - Gilroy
Amir Sepahman - Los Gatos
Maryam Sepahman - Los Gatos
Samantha Shanahan - Fresno
Steve Shanahan - Freson
Kellie Shanahorn - Benicia
Andriana Shea - San Bruno
Cynthia Sheffield -Brentwood
Neil Sheffield -Brentwood
Jill  Sheffield - Brentwood
Steve Sheffield - Brentwood
Jenny Shin - San Jose
Blake Slover - Sacramento
Robert Smith - San Jose
Tom Smyth - San Jose
Jodie Snider - Woodbridge
Randy Snider - Woodbridge
Emma Sonduck - Oakland
Charlene Soots - Moraga
Bryan Soots - Alameda
Gary Soots - Moraga
Chris Steinbroner - La Honda
Jamie Stephenson - Martinez
Mark Stephenson - Martinez
Reina Stephenson - Martinez
Rowena Stephenson - Martinez
Adam Strack - Fremont
Kimberly Strack - Fremont
Starla Strack - Fremont
Hong Yi Su - San Jose
Greg Suckow - Fremont
Maureen Sullivan - Benicia
Mike Sullivan - Benicia
Chris Supnet - Castro Valley
Elaine Supnet - Pacifica
Jasmine Supnet - Pacifica
Lucas Supnet - Pacifica
Tiffany Supnet - Castro Valley
Dean Tait - San Jose
Marlon Tarape - Palo Alto
Lisette Tchikovan - Long Beach
Sandrom Tchikovan - Paris
Rick Telly - San Jose
Julie Thomas - Livermore
Randy Thomas - Livermore
Ruben Torres - Livermore
Venus Torres - Livermore
Albert Tsai - San Francisco
Eva Tran - San Francisco
Tien Tran - San Jose
Tony Tran - Fremont
Holly Trapp - Sunnyvale
Mike Trapp - Sunnyvale
Amy Trinh - San Jose
Hiep Truong - San Francisco
Landon Truong - Milpitas
Long Truong - Milpitas
Brad Turley - Los Gatos
Todd Turley - Los Gatos
Hana Um - Mountian View
Antoinette V. - Fremont
Jason Valenta - San Jose
Justine Vargas - San Jose
Chris Verna - Los Gatos
Kevin Voight - Santa Clara
Tess Von Arx - Sacramento
Kristine Von Holts - San Jose
David Walda - San Francisco
Carol Walker - Santa Cruz
Chris Walker - Oakland
David Walker - Fremont
Emily Walker - Oakland
Julia Walker - Fremont
James Ward - Tracy
Patty Ward - Tracy
Eric Wendorf - Sunnyvale
Matt Wheeler - San Jose
Tina Wheeler - San Jose
Jeff Wiley - Portola Valley
Lesley Wiley - Portola valley
Mariene Williams - San Jose
Laura Wilson - Gilroy
Scott Wilson - Gilroy
Nan Wojcik - Santa Cruz
Zorin Wojcik - Santa Cruz
Bev Wu - Shingle Springs
Wieland Wu - Shingle Springs
Lucinda Yeow - Union City
Matt Yeow - Union City
King Yeung - Union City
Andrew Young - Spokane
Doug Young - Union City
Elaine Young - Santa Clara
Mike Young - Santa Clara
Sheila Zart - Gilroy
John Zdrodowski - Woodside
Xi Zheng - San Jose
Xiao Min Zhu - San Jose
Ahengjiang Zhu - San Jose

Chefs and Team Members

Chris Almenar - TEAM
Beth Atlas - TEAM
Greg Atlas - TEAM
Leta Atlas - TEAM
Ted Atlas - CHEF
Christina Baron - TEAM
Juan Baron - CHEF
Don Baker - TEAM
Kristi Baker - TEAM
Bill Basu - TEAM
Christy Basu - TEAM
Debra Bricker - TEAM
Theresa Budig - TEAM
Beverly Burn - TEAM
Mike Burns - TEAM
Bob Burres - TEAM
Tony Chan - TEAM
Phil Clack - TEAM
Carlene Caruso - TEAM
Nick Constant - TEAM
Joe Deardon - TEAM
Kristen Deardon - TEAM
Pete Engdahl - CHEF
Suzzette Engdahl - TEAM
Henry Enos - CHEF
Kathy Enos - TEAM
Juan Garcia - TEAM
Domonic Go - TEAM
Michael Harding - CHEF
Ed Hill - CHEF
Erik Hill - TEAM
Jamie Hill - TEAM
Dan Hingle - CHEF
Jeanne Hoffman - TEAM
Kely Hoffman - TEAM
Carol Johndrow - TEAM
Dan Johndrow - TEAM
Janice Johndrow - TEAM
Kelly Jones - TEAM
Steve Jones - TEAM
Chigusa Katoku - TEAM
Irene McCall - TEAM
Cherie Lundquist McCall - TEAM
Scott McCall - CHEF
Michael McKinnon - TEAM
Kim McIntire - TEAM
Bob Mullen - CHEF
Greg Niven - CHEF
Michelle Niven - TEAM
Ralph Nunez - TEAM
Anne O'Conner - TEAM
Stephen O'Conner - TEAM
Maritza Parra - TEAM
Vivian Pham - TEAM
Cyndee Pustka - TEAM
Lou Pustka - CHEF
Donal Quinlan - TEAM
Amal Radia - CHEF
Stephanie Radia - TEAM
Claudia Ramirez - TEAM
Ivana Ramirez - TEAM
Amy Rios - TEAM
Albert Rios - TEAM
Lisa Rodriquez - TEAM
Al Simpson - CHEF
Shannon Simpson - TEAM
Amanda Tower - TEAM
Andrew Tower - CHEF
Chris Tower - TEAM
Christine Tower - TEAM
John Tower - TEAM
Margie Tower - TEAM
Loc Tran - TEAM
Jess Trujillo - CHEF
Jarrett Trujillo - TEAM
Doris Yeh - CHEF


Kevin Balsbaugh
Xavier Balsbaugh
Bill Broeder
Marina Broeder
John Hildebrand
John Hildebrand
Virginia Hildebrand
Derek Ortiz
Shanda Ortiz
David Rios
Robert Rios
Matt Saenz
Sara Saenz
John Yee

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