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Regretfully we are not going to be able to hold our Eggfest in 2021.  We are working currently on a Spring 2022 date event at this point.   We will try to have solid info posted here by January 31, 2022.

Covid has established difficulties in all of our lives, hopefully all of us will continue to move in a manner that leads back to normal soon.

If you have paid for Eggfest fees and would like to get a refund, simply email us at and give us the names that were 
registered on your original Eggfest registration form. We will gladly send a check for your fees paid.

If you do not request a refund, we will continue to roll over your registration into our 2022 Eggfest.

We are thankful for your continued support of Eggs by the Bay. Hopefully we can gather soon to celebrate our Big Green Egg community.

Smitty and Ana
Eggs by the Bay