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2022 Eggs by the Bay UPDATE January 5, 2022.

Hello Everyone,

We are issuing an Egg fest update today, we have very little developements in establishing a solid date for 2022.

A venue seems to be the main obstacle to clear, this problem may or may not be overcome.  We would like to return to West Valley college (or similar) and currently in talks with a few options for future.  Covid still lingers in our lives and is a very big concern on all state owned properties.

At this time we would like to invite all paid attendees from 2020 go ahead and submit refund requests. Simply drop us an email with all your names, a return address to send refund check. (email address   If and when we will re-establish a solid Eggfest for the future, we will again start a new registration.  We have records of each paid attendee, so once we receive a refund request we can send a check for all fees paid.

We will proceed with Eggfest negotiations and keep everyone informed as we go. 

Darry Smith
Eggs by the Bay