I have been to a lot of BBQ Accessory shops being in the BBQ Business but Eggs by the Bay is a premier accessary shop.  Everything from soup to nuts.  They feature the Biig Green Egg BBQ's and all they accessories that you can think of to go with it.  Sauces and Rubs that will make your eyes crossed just trying to figure out which one you want to try. 

Cooking classes through out the year.  I took the Prime Rib, Lamb and Turkey Class in the FULL kitchen class room in the back of the shop.    My family says I have mastered the Rack of Lamb now because of this class.  A Great experience

Pellets, Charcoal, Lump coal, Smoking chips and chunks.  You want it they got it.  Their customer service is just that, CUSTOMER SERVICE.  They carry your new goodies out to your car for you.  A great experience for sure.

Rob R -Jan 2016

Great place for all your BBQ needs. By design is Big Green Egg centric, but the selection of lump, smoking woods, rubs and sauces is unsurpassed.
Smitty and Ana are great to work with, and all of their staff are knowledgeable and friendly.  I always enjoy my forays into the store.  
If you are in the market for a Big Green Egg; no one's better...they successfully compete on the competition BBQ circuit, so they absolutely know of what they speak.
Classes are top drawer as well...can't recommend enough

Mike L-Jan 2016

This man will teach you how to cook, seriously, is amazing. Have a big green egg now and anything you can dream about hardwoods, rubs, tools and grilling and smoker tricks, Smitty can teach you. This guy has won every possible competition for his amazing cooking skills. Seriously, give eggs by the bay a try.

Rene M-Oct 2015 

Eggs by the Bay is your BBQ mecca.  I have been shopping here since they opened and have never been disappointed. While Smitty and team specializes in the Big Green Egg and accessories, the whole store is chock full of BBQ supplies no matter what your set up is. Smitty is from the Missouri and stocks an unbelievable selection of rubs, sauces and smoking woods that you won't find in any other store on the West Coast. The folks in the store are passionate about BBQ and can recommend the right sauce, rub, smoking wood, and charcoal depending on what you're cooking.  While the Big Green Egg is pricey, the rest of the stuff that you need in Eggs by the Bay is moderately priced.  There is no other BBQ store like Eggs by the Bay, you won't be disappointed.

Michelle V -Oct 2015

Eggs By the Bay is an awesome store! My boyfriend and I purchased a Big Green Egg from Smitty and the EBTB team and it was the best decision we have made in a whilWhen we first purchased our Egg we would visit the store almost weekly. I would sit in the white rocking chairs while Smitty and his team would give us yummy ideas of things to cook and the recipes to make them. I recommend having a notebook to take in each time where you write down all of the details. This is what I did and it was really helpful to have all my notes in one place.

The store carries a large selection of rubs and sauces.  Everything is yummy, and each of the EBTB team members have a different delicious favorite that they can tell you all about.

The store is full of Egg-cessories, accessories for the Big Green Egg, both BGE name brand and other brands. I really appreciate that the employees will not try and oversell you on products. They recommended that my boyfriend and I start slow with just the basic and most necessary egg-cessories like the plate setter.

EBTB also offers classes and a yearly festival! I have attended one class to become more familiar with the Egg. I enjoyed learning how to make a cocktail on the Egg as well as a meal and dessert. I was very surprised by the organization of the EBTB staff during the class. They bussed tables and brought out food and supplies quickly and efficiently. The yearly Egg Fest is remarkable and organized as well. Smitty and his team recreate the EBTB store at a park with 30-40 chefs who cook all day long! The festival also offers classes. This year I learned how to make a yummy pie crust dessert which I have now made at home on my Egg many times. I really like that Smitty and his team are available to answer questions at the festival and teach classes at all skill levels.
Shanda M -Sept 2015

Overall Eggs By the Bay is well stocked with great items, the staff is kind, helpful and knowledgeable and the classes and Egg Fest are informative and full of delicious Egg cooked food.All your BBQ needs met in one place. Walk in and get a nice greeting from Smitty who's always there to help out with any questions. Unless he's off doing another competition in which case the rest of the wonderful staff are there to help.

The store has a fantastic array of top notch BBQ equipment, sauces, rubs and anything else you need to make the best of a weekend BBQ with friends. And if you don't have the chops yet to impress everyone with your BBQ abilities Eggs by the Bay offers a lot of great courses to help make you a BBQ guru. I have taken the competition ribs course, pork butt, brisket and pizza classes all of which helped me improve my cuisine.

Since owning my egg for the last 5+ years I have only been to one store for all my needs. It's a great place to get what you need, swap a few BBQ stories and get helpful advice for your next smoke.
Eggs by the Bay is downright spectacular.  I was grilling and smoking on Weber grills and smokers for two or three years, and then I moved to the Big Green Egg.  When I went to the store to talk about the BGE and bbq, I honestly learned more from Smitty in that hour (while he was helping other customers as well) than I had learned in the previous three years combined!

Al S -Sept 2016 

Smitty, his family, and his staff bring both expert knowledge and warm friendship to the customer.  What you get at EBTB is good people who love helping people cook great food.

After sampling 50+ bbq sauces over the past 5 years, I only use three today, and Smitty introduced me to each of them. You will find a great variety of rubs and sauces, and I recommend being adventurous.  

Smitty competes with a team of good folks on the BBQ circuit. I love that I can ask questions about pork, chicken, or beef, and get advice relevant to the home cook as well as the aspiring pitmaster.  I can email him with a quick question for advice and then, wow! I just saved myself a lot of time (and money) learning the hard way. 

I can't say enough about EggFest.  EBTB hosts an annual event for about 30 cook teams to cook for several hundred attendees  This is a fantastic opportunity to have fun, eat great food, and learn about using the Egg for both high and low temperature cooking.

if you are in the bay area, and are looking to learn more about BBQ, grilling, or the Big Green Egg, this is where I suggest you start.  Odds are, you will stay here...

Victor G -Sept 2015

Easily my favorite store in the Bay Area.  I bought a Large BGE over 2 years ago and cooked on it so much I bought another one.  I was a brand new Egger and I attended the cooking classes and it was really nice to learn some tricks to the trade that perfected my BBQ.

Van S -Aug 2015

This place is insane. It has anything and everything for the BGE followers and Smitty and crew are super helpful.

Walking in here, they stock so much stuff, your eyes can't focus on all the BBQ items they have. They have it all. They even hold classes in the back.

When I buy my BGE, I'm going to buy it here! A store this well stocked deserves my money.

James F -Aug 2015

This is my go-to for my bbq essentials. They carry a great selection of smoking woods, bbq tools, and fantastic artisanal rubs/sauces. Not only do they have great products, they also have an extremely knowledgable staff. I've been an Egger since 2009 and I'm still learning a lot of different cooking techniques with my Big Green Egg.

Smitty and Ana, the owners, also host an annual food festival called the Eggs by the Bay Eggfest. This event is the best way to taste the many varieties of delicious food cooked from an Egg and experience the unique lifestyle of the Egging community. 
This place is a great resource for anyone that enjoys outdoor cooking!

Chris C -June 2015

Great inventory, personal service, and a knowledgeable staff.

I went in with very little experience with grilling.  I had my eye on an egg for some time, and this place came up as the place to visit.  It's the only specialized egg store in the country, and the owner Smitty and his team compete and win at several BBQ tournaments using the egg.

Smitty, Anna, and another younger gentleman(didn't catch his name) were extremely patient in guiding me through their product lines.  I never felt pressured throughout the process; they seemed way more interested in making me feel comfortable in my purchase.   My sister also came along with us, and spent the whole time chatting with Anna who came off as really sweet as well as knowledgeable.

In the end I went with a large egg, and i'm *extremely* satisfied.   The BGE just makes magic, and has made cooking something I really look forward to.   Now that i'm more settled in, i'm already looking forward to a trip back to this BBQ wonderland.

Anthony L -April 2015

I was looking to buy a big green egg for my boyfriend's birthday and I saw this place had good reviews. Well here's another! I called to set up an appointment during the week which was nice because I got to talk one on one with Smitty who was very knowledgeable. He told me if I wanted to pay to have it delivered he could not only deliver it, but assemble it and give a 30 minute tutorial on how to cook on the egg...deal! I highly recommend doing this especially if you're not all that skilled with the grill (me). But now my boyfriend and I are pros and he loooves cooking with it. It makes REALLY good food. We can't wait to make pizzas in it!!

Olivia D -Mar 2015

It's summer, come and load up on the goodies because Eggs by the Bay has it all. If you're anyone who touches a grill or piece of meat, you won't be leaving empty handed.Smitty and the team are always helpful and give good recommendations on cook times, prep and seasonings.  Even if you do not have a BGE this store has everything you need to cook great BBQ.Eggs by The Bay is a must visit if you BBQ.  I bought my Egg from another dealer 7 years ago before finding EBTB and meeting Smitty.  I now go nowhere else to buy anything BBQ related.  He successfully competes in BBQ events, so taking his suggestions is a no-brainer.  Check out the eggsbythebay.com website, something will catch your interest.

FYI:  the BBQ classes are awesome!

Mike C -Jan 2015

Thanks to Eggs by the Bay, my husband's Christmas was the best ever.  Great little BBQ shop.
Stephanie P -Jan 2015

Eggs by the help create a perfect day for my husband's birthday. He loves his new Big Green Egg.
Sally T -Aug 2014

Nice to have a store dedicated to my Egging hobby, great food-great store.
Todd P -July 2014

The bf is a bbq/meat/food fanatic... He recently pulled the trigger on a high end grill/smoker but unfortunately didn't get it from Eggs by the Bay. Knowing him, he'll probably end up getting one from them anyway... These eggs have a bit of a cult following, it's understandable why. 

We made an appointment a weekday in advance and Smitty was there to let us in and have the store to ourselves. this place is BBQ HEAVEN, it really is like if you had died and gone to bbq heaven, this is exactly what it would look like. Every nook and cranny jam flippin packed with every bbq accessory , spice, lump , book, smell and taste you can imagine. It really is quite amazing the variations available to the hobby. They have all of the "hard to find" lump charcoals and every sauce and rub under the sun, more than you can shake a kebab skewer at. Smitty was cool to work with, nice guy and you can see the passion he has for bbq'ing. This is probably it for the bf, he won't go anywhere else but here.

It's summer, come and load up on the goodies because Eggs by the Bay has it all. If you're anyone who touches a grill or piece of meat, you won't be leaving empty handed.
Mary M -May 2014

I went to a competition ribs class yesterday in Santa Clara that was excellent.  If anyone else is in the Northern California area I highly suggest you stop by Eggs By The Bay and take one of Smitty's ( @smittythesmoker ) classes.  I learned a lot about smoking ribs and the BGE (everything from where to light the egg, to over smoking etc...) that I had not previously known.  Everyone there from staff to other classmates were friendly and the food was outstanding (the beans with the leftover pork from the cuts of spare ribs especially).  Anyhow I just thought I'd give a shout out to Smitty and Eggs By The Bay and thank him for the excellent class.  I am definitely going to sign up for more.  If you're in NorCal stop by his store as there is everything and anything you can possibly want for the BGE.
Mark G -Mar 2014

Great service, asked and answered questions.  Extensive array of  Eggs, accessories, sauces, dry rubs, and even have cooking classes on site.  very flexible about delivery.  Cant wait for my husband to be surprised on his birthday.  Smitty said he will spend an hour helping us get started when he delivers.  you can tell this guy lives his BBQ passion.  Why buy from an appliance store where the reps don't have any connection to what they are selling?  go see Smitty!!
Katie H -Mar 2014

Great class on Saturday.  I picked up quite a few tips that I will apply to my BGE cooks.  
See you in March at the rib class.
George J -Feb 2014

This place is a must see for anyone in the area that is serious about their BBQ.  The plain exterior is misleading because the inside is richly decorated with all sorts of useful BBQ esentials.  These guys basically stock all of the popular brands of lump coal.  I didn't have time to thoroughly look through the rest of the place but I'm sure I'll be back.  I chatted briefly with the one guy working (owner?) who hapilly discussed BBQ techniques with me.  I see from their website that they do classes -- I hope I can make it to one!  I look forward to going back.
Alex R -Feb 2014

Its a great place, can't wait to go back.

Eva H -Jan 2014Thanks to Eggs by the Bay, I was able to buy a Big Green Egg recently and have it delivered to my brother as a house warming present. Smitty did a great job of delivering and assembling the Egg while taking the time to assist my brother and his wife in learning to use their new Egg upon delivery.  What customer service indeed.  Thanks for helping make a memorable gift even better.
Susan M -Dec 2013

Wow, what a selection of Big Green Egg products.  A true toy store for Egg owners.  What a jewel of a shop, glad I found it when I did.   Signing up for classes,  I'll be back soon. 
Brad T -Nov 2013

My husband and I took a class yesterday and had a great time.  Smitty sure is passionate about his cooking, his green eggs and his competitions.  It shows in his classes. I purchased a green egg for my husband for his birthday and we are thoroughly enjoying it. The food tastes amazing.  We are looking forward to the next class in October and more delicious food.
Linda E -Sept 2013

What a find!  Eggs by the Bay is home for the Big Green Egg owner.  One of a kind type BBQ store centered around the Egg with a knowledgeable staff that has a passion for cooking like myself.  Looking forward to taking a class soon.
Walt P -Aug 2013

Great thing about this place is Darry is the pitmaster of an award winning competition BBQ team and they sell what the pros use, stuff you won't find at a BBQs Galore. You will get top notch products with great customer service. You don't have to cook on an egg to shop here. Accessories, wood,  rubs, sauces, mops, injections thermometers, cooking gloves, anything and everything needed to smoke are all available. I get in and get out, but I hear the staff carefully taking their time to educate people about BBQ, from the beginner backyard cooker to the seasoned pitmaster."
Amber S -May 2013

1--Your service was great and I am very happy my wife found your company to buy the egg. You showed up and spent more than an hour setting it up and making sure that my very first use of it was a success.2--You didn't try to sell my wife on a bunch of accessories from the start. You chose to take the better route and provide great service and let me learn how to use the egg to decide what options that I want. I will be sure to buy all future accessories from your store.3--I am fortunate that I can contrast my experience with my friend Gene's. He bought his from Airport Appliance because he didn't know about your store. He bought it and was sent on his way to figure everything out on his own. This resulted in his first couple of BBQs to be more difficult than they needed to be. But worse, it also resulted in a broken lid. They did not offer any tips regarding temperature or having to re-tighten the strap after the first few uses. Once he learned about your store from Mike Nealon, he wisely bought the replacement lid from you.
Thanks again for your help yesterday. I write a yelp review this morning. Hopefully that will help get the word out and prevent people from mistakenly buying their egg from the wrong store."
Adam C -April 2013

 "Smitty has the best customer service in the business. If you are considering buying an egg, or just getting accessories, ONLY SHOP AT EGGS BY THE BAY!"
Jerry G -Mar 2013 

"My buddy and I have attended a couple of Big Green Egg classes at Eggs by the Bay.  Its a great way to "up your game" on the Egg."
Bob S -Feb 2013

"Thanks Smitty for setting me up today with my new large Big Green Egg. The chicken turned out perfectly, now it's time to thrown on some steaks, still using the same 'fire' you started for me almost 7 hours ago. Of course we've been keeping the temp around 400 deg, no higher. Thanks again!

Travis R -Feb 2013"My husband has wanted a Big Green for months now, dropping hint after hint.  I was able to buy a Big Green Egg for my husband’s birthday with Eggs by the Bay’s help.  Smitty guided me through the options at the showroom and offered to come set up the Egg for a surprise for my hubby on his birthday.   My husband just loves to go to Eggs by the Bay and shop for BBQ supplies, he has enrolled in cooking classes already.  Thanks Eggs by the Bay for a wonderful birthday for my husband."
Patricia W -Nov 2012

"Thank you for all your help and assistance in getting a BGE to Sydney! You went above and beyond every time and I couldn't have asked for a more helpful experience. You are a brilliant advocate for the Egg. Thank you so much."
Libby T  -Nov 2012

"We bought our Egg before we found out about Eggs by the Bay. We have since we have found this wonderful Big Green Egg store we are thankful to all the staff at your store for the help we get each time we visit.  My wife and I have taken 2 classes there and look to do attend more in the future."    We simply love the Egg lifestyle that Eggs by the Bay represents."
Robert S.  -Oct 2012

"Thank you so much for taking the time to come to our home and help get us started with our new Big Green Egg.  Our family loves 
the Egg and the great food that comes off of it.  Smitty is the best, and Eggs by the Bay is a the spot to start looking for you own Big Green Egg."
Danny V.  -Aug 2012

"I am a new LBGE owner (already thinking I need a small, too!) and I could not be more pleased with my egg nor more excited about it. A big part of making this such a positive experience has been my dealer, Smitty at Eggs by the Bay. He has been completely professional, accessible and helpful throughout my purchase process. The fact that he came to deliver my table and my egg, assembled it and walked me through starting my first fire enabled me to hit the ground running with my egg.
I have been in sales and marketing for years, and I know the key to customer satisfaction with any product is providing the service and training they need to be successful; you have a tremendous resource in Smitty as a BGE retailer.
I look forward to years of great cooking and development of new recipes with my egg!"
 Christina P July 2012

"If you want to smoke and cook with a Big Green Egg, you probably should go to EBTB. I have a local Egg dealer in San Francisco. They are content to wait for the money to roll in and the eggs to roll out. EBTB, in contrast, is a hardworking savvy bunch that are turning Eggery into a joyful community.

We'd wanted an Egg for some time and spotted EBTB's promotion for EggFest, their annual cookout/exhibition and took them up on a discount offer for a demo Egg (only used for the EggFest). There's a surprise - you NEVER see a discount offer on Eggs. 

They make a whole Saturday out of the EggFest. They basically move a lot of their store to a public park and invite other vendors and cooks to come in and show off. Several classes are offered, even including how to select meat. Your entry ticket lets you sample what the versatile Egg can produce, from lo-slo meat to baked goods and pretty much anything between. If you're just getting started, the EBTB staff are very helpful in getting you set up with the kit you need. Great job of showcasing the product and EBTB's commitment.

If you're on the peninsula or South Bay by all means EBTB... even if you are much farther away, you may want to consider working with pros who love their product and are making a community of it."
Bob K-June 2012

"This is the only place in the bay area to go to get the best "winning" barbecue sauces/rubs/supplies used in BBQ competitions. The best competition BBQ stuff can't be found in local markets, only here and most have never tasted true competition quality results. I've been coming here for years to buy my supplies here and also have taken the rib class. I can't say enough about the advise, service and friendliness I always experience. Smitty is a professional competition BBQ chef and knows it all. I love cooking on my BGE and it's worth every penny. These things sell themselves when people taste the food. If you want to cook great BBQ and impress family & friends, this is the place to come to."
Craig U-Dec 2011 

"Great buying experience. I'm so glad I went to Eggs by the Bay. I did my initial research that gave me a general idea of what I needed. I looked for the nearest dealer and didn't really like what I saw. It was all hardware stores, kitchen supply, and bbq galore. I think of the BGE as a specialty item and I didn't want to buy this from someone who didn't really know much about the Egg. I did a google search and found Eggs by the Bay and wished they were closer to me. I'm about 45 miles away. 

I had decided I was going to the local bbq galore to buy it, but I thought I should at least call Eggs by the Bay and find out how far they'd deliver. Smitty answered the phone and told me he could deliver to me. He suggested I come into the showroom to see all the possible options. I hesitated, but thought I should go. Boy am I glad I did. He had everything in the store and he guided me through the optional accessories and explained why and how they are used. He even recommended against several accessories. He set us up right. He was really patient and answered all our questions. 

We ended up buying a large BGE and the basics to get started with. Smitty gave us a great deal and he came out just a couple days later to deliver the Egg. He set up the Egg and helped me get a fire going to show me the way. He spent nearly an hour with me giving me tips as we fired up the Egg.

I cooked a beer can chicken that night, then a meat loaf, apple pie, and chicken thighs in the next couple days. It was all excellent. I can't wait to get the pizza stone and get going with pizzas. 

If you're thinking of an getting an Egg, or any bbq, smoker, or grill, you should go check out Eggs by the Bay"
Keith A-Nov 2011 

"Just purchased two plate setters and some beer can chicken stands. He lends the best information on how to use these cookers! What a great shopping experience!"
Ricci H -Nov 2011 

"Smitty, we really enjoyed the whole cooking event. I especially enjoyed your store.  You have captured the essence of providing all that a Big Green Egg enthusiast could want to buy.  You have a great display of items, grouped into areas that cooks are seeking.  Not only are your products vast, you have a keen eye for very attractive display.  Your website is encouraging shoppers to travel to you for filling their cooking needs."
Art T -Oct 2011 

"I bought my Egg at Eggs By The Buy The Bay Eggfest this year. I have been grilling for quite some time. I was amazed by the great people I met there and the different food that was cooked on the Egg. I have done ribs for a long time on an off set smoker but they do not compare to the ones I do on my Egg. I have never done a brisket and they were hosting a class on cooking brisket. Well it was well worth the time and money. I just finished my first brisket on the Egg and it was the best thing I have cooked due to the class and help of Smitty. You guys rock. Your customer service is the best. Thank you for being here for us that cook on the Egg. Look forward to many more great cooks. I cook on it almost three times a week, chicken,pork,beef, pizza. You name it. Everything is better on an Egg."Tim M –Oct 2011

 "Just went and got some bbq supplies - charcoal, chunks, thermometer, etc. Smitty is the best - he just spent 30 minutes helping me plan for my first pork shoulder extravaganza. I'll be going back, and I haven't even seen the results yet."
Graham H. -Aug 2011 

"I love my Egg! I've had years of "hit and miss" BBQed food, until we got an Egg. Now I'm cooking all sorts of things on the Egg perfectly! Cinnamon Raisin Swirl bread, one of my faves! All the foods have so much better flavor and moisture! Smitty sets you up gets you started and then away you go! Seriously, I can't understand why people cook with propane."
Lois R. –June 2011 

Great place to get you BGE....but more than anything they hold the Egg Fest!!! It's the greatest thing since sliced bread!! My first egg fest was last year...and when I first heard about it from my bf...I had mixed feelings about it. After I left the egg fest...I couldn't wait for the next one. The egg fest is a place where die hard BGE cooks go. They cook their stuff and as an attendee, you get to sample it. They have everything there...from desserts to appetizers to main courses. I read somewhere that you have to pace yourself...I mean come on...pace yourself...well after my first experience...yes people you have to pace yourself. Otherwise you'll end up like me, after the first hour, I was stuffed! My bf practically rolled me out of that place because I was so full...
Another great thing about the Egg Fest is they have these "classes" where Smitty talks about the "how to's on the BGE." Anyway, I'm going again to it this year...I can't wait!!    Thanks Smitty for putting on the Egg Fest!!
Leslie B. -June 2011 

"I got a Large BGE from Smitty in February. Since then I have enjoyed a stream of tasty, smoked food coming out of my backyard. Smitty delivered it to my house, set it up, and made sure that I knew how to operate it before he left. He has a great shop in Santa Clara, full of everything you could want to outfit your Egg, and books and BBQ supplies galore. He is also very generous with his time, sharing tips and guidance to help improve my BBQ skills, or anyone that stops by. I feel very fortunate to have stumbled across Eggs by the Bay, and I look forward to doing business with them for years to come. This is by far and away the best BBQ Store in the area."
Chris M.  –April 2011 

Upon entering the shop: Well laid out. Lots of inventory. Prices seemed in line with other shops in the area. First off, they carry everything you need for your egg. If you already have an egg? They carry more dry rub varieties than any shop I've seen. They carry a vast collection of books on smoking and bbq. They stock a LARGE selection of lump coal and wood for smoking. This shop has most everything you could want to support your bbq/smoking habit. With all this inventory, you'd assume they are all about the quick sale. (read on...)

Staff: The person who helped me was one of the owners. He was EXTREMELY patient and knowledgeable. I must have spat out 100 questions in rapid fire. He answered all of my questions in detail and made sure I was understating the information. The number one thing which earned my repeat business? Smitty made sure I wasn't buying stuff I simply didn't need. The fact that they aren't open 'standard' hours should be witness enough that they aren't in it for the quick buck!

Hours: Saturday and Sunday 1 -4. They are open M-F by appointment. The shop hours seem limited, but they seem open to your schedule, if you call in advance. 

How can a business survive in the high cost bay area with such limited hours? It's because they are THAT GOOD.
Ted P. -April 2011 

"I bought an XL BGE from Smitty a couple of weeks ago. The only thing more impressive than the Egg itself is the amazing customer service from Eggs by the Bay. I bought the Egg on a Sunday afternoon and Smitty delivered it early the next morning and gave me a quick tutorial on egg cooking before he left. The add ons that he steered me towards when buying the Egg--plate setter, fire starters, and oak lump--were all spot on. Smitty really knows his product and his barbecue. I'm now a huge fan of the Big Green Egg, and of Eggs By The Bay. I can't recommend them more highly."
Kevin S. -Feb 2011 

 Great prices, Darry is a man you can trust, he wont sell you anything if you don't need it. Very knowledgeable regarding smoking and grilling on the green egg. And his service, its an A+. He does go an extra mile for you. 
Check youtube for info on the big green egg. 
If your looking to buy a green egg, or just want info, he is the man to see.
Reese D. -Feb 2011 

"Eggstraordinary customer service! Not only did Smitty deliver and help me set up my egg, but he loaned me a nest (legs) while I was putting finish on the cedar table (its permanent home)! I am really happy with my BGE, and really happy to have a local resource who is so knowledgeable on BBQ. You can't fake passion, and he has a passion for this stuff. Its like going to go visit your buddy who is an expert at BBQ. Why would you go anywhere else? I don't have a higher recommendation!"
Jerry W. –Feb 2011 

"I purchased my Egg about a week ago. Awesome product! Out of this world customer service. Darry provides a wealth of knowledge and answered every single question I had. I would recommend Eggs by the Bay to anyone!"
Gary W –Jan 2011 

"I bought my large BGE from Smitty about 5 months ago. What great customer service --- he actually delivered and set it up at my home! Since then he's always been there to answer questions and help me along the way. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!"
Brian C. –Nov 2010 

"I bought my Extra Large Egg somewhere else, needed some help, no love from the Furniture/Backyard/BBQ store I bought it at. Found Smitty and Eggs by the Bay, problems all solved. Unmatched customer service along with the experience of a pro. You won't be sorry, check out Eggs by the Bay."
Mike C. –Sept 2010 

"We purchased our large BGE at the 2010 Eggs-By-The-Bay Eggfest. A friend from Seattle had been sending me pictures of his cooks and cajoling me for years before I made the purchase. Little did I know that by buying our first egg from Smitty I would not only get a great BBQ and find a well stocked store literally filled to the brim with all the egg-ccessories a person could want but also the wonderful wealth of knowledge and advise that Smitty brings along with it. I couldn't recommend this combination more highly. Thanks, Smitty!"
Donn M –Sept 2010 

"I've been an Egghead since attending the annual Eggs by the Bay Eggfest in June of this year. Shortly after the Eggfest, I purchased an XL and a Small Egg from Smitty and then took his Championship Rib class. Since then I have been smoking and grilling like a mad man turning out ribs, brisket, pork, chicken, meatloaf, pizza, veggies, and bread. Not only does Smitty provide excellent customer service, he has a wealth of cooking knowledge and advice gained from years of BBQ competitions as the pitmaster of Smitty's Smoke Patrol. Eggs by the Bay stocks a great assortment of accessories, rubs, sauces, injections, lump charcoal, smoking woods, and cookbooks. I highly recommend Eggs by the Bay!"
John Y. -Sept 2010 

"I have purchased Four BGE's from Smitty (so far) and still want a large for myself. Smitty's customer service is great, I literally met him in a parking lot to buy my first egg from him. I was going camping for a week and wanted a small to take along. He went out of his way to accommodate me then and when I purchased one for my sister's wedding gift. There have been a few dealers pop up closer to me since, but because of his service he has all my EGG business. Thanks!"
Brian D. –Jan 2010 

"About a year and a half ago I thought it time to buy a Big Green Egg and started researching places in the San Francisco area to pick one up. Though there were other options, I decided to head down to Santa Clara from Oakland to pick one up at Eggs by the Bay -- and I'm SO glad I did. Smitty has a great shop with great advice. Thanks Smitty!"
Ben J. –Dec 2009 

"I purchased my large Big Green Egg from Eggs by the Bay on Valentines Day, 2008. Although I live in Lodi, I have made it a point to stop by the store when I am in the San Jose area. Smitty assembled my Egg and gingerly guided me through my first several months of ownership. Jodie and I love attending the Eggs by the Bay Eggfest as well. The personal service Smitty and his crew provide is second to none. I have become and Egghead and I have Smitty to thank for it."
Randy S. –Dec 2009  

"Eggs by the Bay is the best spot for the Foodies who like to BBQ. Smitty will take care of you and assist you with both set up and sharing ideas for you to get started. He has a great selection of everything you need to get started. My baby back ribs and pulled pork are requested by all of my friends now!  Thanks Smitty!"
Chris G. –Dec 2009 

"Eggs by the Bay has to be the best place in the bay area, if not California to purchase a Big Green Egg. Not to mention an outstanding selection of sauces, rubs, lump charcoal, wood chunks and accessories. I haven't even considered looking elsewhere since I met Smitty at Eggs by the bay. It is a true rarity to find the level of customer service, useful information and genuine friendly demeanor that you will experience when you visit Eggs by the Bay."
Ian C. –Dec 2009 

"Each time I visit Eggs by the Bay I learn something new from Smitty and have become a much better cook. He's great! The store has EVERYTHING you can think of for your egg grilling needs. I've bought so many eggcessories here and enjoy picking out new rubs and sauces to try whenever I stop by. The Eggfest which is hosted by Eggs by the Bay is a must for those who want to meet other Green Eggers and try out a variety of dishes."
Eric B. –Dec 2009 

"I bought my Big Green Egg from Eggs by the Bay. Besides a great smoker/grill I get great advice. I am now smoking brisket that makes my family and friends beg for an invitation! With the advice I got from Smitty, I smoked my first turkey.... Simply fantastic!"
Phillip G. –Dec 2009 

"Excellent customer service with honest and passionate delivery of the information about the Big Green Egg! I have never been able to grill BBQ chicken properly. Today, immediately after the delivery of my first Egg. I made the best tasting BBQ chicken ever! Love it Love it Love it!"
Alex N. –Nov 2009 

"In my mind, practically all the reasons you’d want to own a house instead of rent an apartment lie in the back yard: a grill, a small garden, and space for a dog to run around during the day. With it being Memorial Day weekend, I couldn’t wait any longer to knock item #1 off my list. I’m from Atlanta, birthplace of the Big Green Egg–and my dad has had one for probably 10 years now. They’re expensive, but they pretty much blow all the other grills I’ve seen out of the water. I was lucky to find a BGE store locally (the aptly named Eggs by the Bay). The BGE corporate website listed a few distributors that were closer to my new house in Redwood City, but for me it was worth it to drive a little further to give a sale to a small business. The extra driving was rewarded, incidentally. The owner had the large Egg I wanted, but but not the large-sized table for it. He was nice enough to loan me a nest (basically metal legs for the grill) until he could get the table in–plus a few days to allow me to paint and lacquer the new table. I sincerely doubt that any large specialty retailer would’ve been willing to do the same. The Eggs by the Bay store is actually having a sale later in the summer for gently used demo eggs (basically used for their one-day barbecue festival), but forgoing any grilling for an entire month+ just to save $100 or so wasn’t quite worth it for me. Besides, my economic stimulus check was burning a hole in my pocket (though that only covered about half of it…).
Will H -May 2008

I've been going to this shop for 4 years now. This is literally a ONE STOP SHOP! Everything and anything you need for your BGE's along with cookbooks, Rubs, sauces and Classes! Smitty (the owner) along with his staff are extremely helpful. If you're looking to get your first egg, go check out the shop and speak with the staff, they will get you set up! Great service!

Jerry C. June 2016

Outstanding! Today, we took a class on the Basics of the Big Green Egg. given by Smitty, owner of Eggs By The Bay. Along with his wife, Anna, and crew, he taught us in careful detail how to use the Egg, was incredibly patient with endless questions, was  imaginative in what he showed us, and then served us truly delicious food. Anna added to the over the top experience ending our lunch with chocolate croissants baked in the Egg! Truly decadent. We strongly recommend their classes, their service, their range of products, and their friendliness to those new to the Big Green Egg, curious about it, and the experienced user, too! We are both cooks and have now found a whole new way to explore fabulously flavorful food with the Egg and access to an talented chef/teacher. We had an exceptional experience!

Bonnie B -June 2016

Eggs by the Bay 

Proudly Serving Northern California's Egg Community since 2005

Contact us at BGE@EggsbytheBay.com
Showroom Hours 

Thursday 1-5pm  Friday 1-5pm  Saturday 1-5pm  Sunday 1-5pm
Established in 2005

Stepping into this shop is like entering a playground for BBQ enthusiasts. Smitty and his wife Anna gave me a warm welcome and showed me around. I am actually kind of a novice when it comes to the Big Green Egg cookers but they explained exactly how they work and I cannot wait to add one to my backyard. Their selection of accessories and sauces is fantastic - I saw everything from traditional BBQ sauces to really cool ones made from blackberries, blueberries, figs and cherries. Cannot wait to go back!

Erika K -April 2016

Smitty stocks a great store for anyone who is into barbeque with a great assortment of books, charcoal and tools. Additionally, you can get all of your Big Green Egg needs met. From Eggs to accessories, Eggs By The Bay is a great one stop shop. I've also taken a few of Smitty's cooking classes, Brisket, Competition Ribs and Holiday Roasts. Each class was a lot of fun and I learned a lot.

Thomas K -Feb 2016

Eggs By The Bay is the greatest BBQ store in the Bay Area. The owner is fantastic and gives great BBQ advice. We've learned a ton from him through the years. They also have an amazingly wide selection of BBQ ingredients and supplies. This store is an incredible find and is totally worth the trip. :)

Neil K  -Jan 2016

We love to cook on the Big Green Egg and work very hard at cultivating the "Egghead" culture here in the Bay Area.  We find it to be fulfilling to help others along the way.  We feel our strong following among our loyal customers is our best marketing tool.  
-Eggs by the Bay.

Read what others have to say about Eggs by the Bay™-

What a cool store!!  Good vibe, warm/cozy, family, kinda western feel...No doubt this is a BBQ specialty store.  While their focus are those big, heavy and expensive green eggs, they have a ton of really cool general gas/briquette, pellet, etc grill and barbecue stuff.  The staff is super nice and knowledgeable about both the products and bbq techniques. Prices are reasonable too!!  One day, I'll let the owner talk me into one of them eggs!!

Brian K Sept 2021

Eggs by the Bay is first class all the way! I recently replaced the gasket on my XL BGE for the first time and had some trouble trying to realign the dome and base with the bands. After several hours of wrenching on the bands with one of my good friends who's mechanically incline and still not getting anywhere, I decided to give Eggs by the Bay a call for some advice. I left a message with a very nice woman who told me she would have the owner Smitty call me back. Within minutes my phone rang with a call back from Smitty. He walked me through the whole process and within 5 minutes my problem was solved and my XL BGE was ready to fire up and cook dinner on. The customer service was beyond top shelf. I highly recommend this place for all of your BGE products and needs. Thank you again Smitty!

​Matt M Jan 2021

Great line of rubs, sauces and barbecuing accessories.  The Team is super friendly and helpful.    I use a Traeger versus a Big Green Egg, but my go to for rubs and sauces

Dan L Aug 2020

This is not really a store, but a temple to the art and practice of cooking great food using the Big Green Egg! The people are wonderfully nice, knowledgeable and helpful. I have taken every class they offer and can't wait to get back for more!

Tim E July 2020

They stock such a wide variety of lump charcoal. I'll make the trek across town just for this stuff.
Smitty knows everything about the egg, and anything related. Always enjoying picking up a new toy to solve some minor annoyance with bbqing, and Smitty knows the ins and outs of why this one over that one.

Willy R June 2020

I needed my egg repaired and the service and advice I got from Smitty was excellent.  He really knows his stuff.  My over 10 year old egg's hardware had become wonky and needed replacement and I wanted someone to do it for me and Smitty was great.  While he replaced the hardware we chatted about various aspects of the egg and he showed me some pointers about caring for and adjusting the hardware and care for the rest of the egg as well.  I would definitely use  him again and now want to visit his showroom.

Richard M May 2020

I purchased my egg from them more than a year ago, so this is a late review. My overall experience was great. The shop is nicely designed as a showroom for eggs and accessories. They offer a good selection of BBQ sauces and rubs as well.

Alexey A March 2019

Specialty store for BigGreenEgg. Great selection, friendly service. Always ready to give some advice how to use their products.

Ansgar C. Sept 2018

Smitty and Anna are the best. All my BBQ needs are met here with friendly professional service. Smitty has everything I could ever need and he knows his stuff. This store is absolutely beautiful it is a BBQ museum with the best staff and he even open for me during the week if i need something...

The world would be a better place is every business was as knowledgeable and as fun as EGGS BY THE BAY!!

Frank S. -June 2018

I never heard of the Green Egg until I met my boyfriend and he insisted in cooking a paella on that cute yet weird BBQ. The paella was not as great at he think it was (mushy and he let the rice cook too much). However that was the beginning of our relationship and my parallel love story with his super nice and hot device.

A year and a half passed and I have had the pleasure to eat tons of different things cooked on the Green Egg: from pizzas, to Texas style ribs, to anything in between. But one thing was missing: seeing one of the official stores in the South Bay. So when the boyfriend wanted to replace some broken accessory and told me that the store is like Disneyland for eggers, I did not hesitate to tag along. And yes, I loved it the second I entered there and saw the toy food so well arranged in the cute eggs of all sizes!

Of course the section dedicated to paellas and Spanish food caught my attention (there was also a nice display of cooking books and various paella pans of different brands). The store also offers cooking classes (taking notes of those from now) and you can also get a multitude of condiments for your BBQs. Customer service was very warm, I also felt like in a museum as they have lots of antiques.

Carmen V. -May 2018

Just dropped by to ask for advice, and everyone was really nice and helpful.  I got exactly the instructions I needed, plus they gave me a couple of plastic clips that were essential for re-aligning my Egg's lid.  As a bonus, the whole place smelled like brisket after a smoking class earlier in the day!

Vernon L. July 2017