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Showroom Hours 

Thursday 1-5pm  Friday 1-5pm  Saturday 1-5pm  Sunday 1-5pm
Established in 2005

-We are looking for 45 individuals as Tasters. 

-Tasters will register to attend for a fee of $15 (non refundable), 

-We will offer FREE COLD DRINKS to all tasters.

-To register as a Taster, fill out form below. Mail to store address along with fees. You may also register at the store. Once registered Tasters are full, we cannot accept any others.

-Tasters will taste of up to 6 samples and Judge them by the criteria listed above.

-Score sheets will be given for Tasters to score each team they sample.

-Tasting happens from 11:45am til 1pm.

-Taster meeting at 11:30am. Tasters need to be present.

-Tasters will use Judging criteria listed above. 

While judging by taste is always going to be subjective, the goal of any judging process is to limit that subjectivity as much as possible. In a chili cook-off, that begins with a set of five specific criteria by which each chili is judged:

-Color -- Does the chili look appetizing? Does it look bright and colorful or dull and bland?
-Aroma -- Does it smell good? Does the aroma make you want to dig in?
-Consistency -- How is the meat-to-sauce ratio? It shouldn't be runny, mushy or overly thick.
-Taste -- How is the flavor? Do the ingredients blend well, or is one too overpowering? Does the first bite make you want another one?
-Aftertaste -- Once you swallow, is there a spicy taste ("bite") that stays on your tongue? Is it pleasant?

Score sheets will be provided for Tasters, score sheets will be turned in and final standings will be calculated.


We is excited to announce the date of our 2nd. Annual CHILI Day at Eggs by the Bay. This year's Chili Cook Off will be a great opportunity for our local Bay Area Big Green Egg community to get together and cook.  It will be held on Saturday February 24, 2024 at our store location in Santa Clara.  We are looking for 7 Big Green Egg TEAMS of 2-3 people each to come compete for a brand new Mini Max Big Green Egg for the winner. Team info below.  We are going to register 40 TASTERS who will taste and vote for the winning team that day. TASTER info listed below.  

If you are a registered CHILI Day Team, please look over rules and ask any questions you may have as we do not want any confusion. -Smitty of Eggs by the Bay.

Judging Criteria

at Eggs by the Bay


We will have 7 teams 


Team #1               Silveira Bowl                                                  Anthony Silveira

Team #2               Siesta BBQ                                                    Derek Ortiz

Team #3               Gut Busters                                                   Clay Rush

Team #4               Serrato Chili                                                  Doug Rig 

Team #5               Slow Smokin Simmer Gang                          Dan Johndrow

Team #6               Smoking Clowns                                           David Boston

Team #7               Hot Meat - Cool Beans                                  Michael Scadden

Saturday February 24, 2024

Tasters spots are now sold out.


-We will have 7 teams competing for a brand new Mini Max Big Green Egg.

-Chili cook teams can be 2-3 people.

-Head cook must be a Big Green Egg owner.

-Entry fee for cook teams is $45, non refundable.

-Teams will be required to cook 4-5 quarts of Chili.

-Teams need to be prepared to cook on a Large size Big Green Egg.

-Teams will be provided a Big Green Egg and lump charcoal to use.

-Teams will also have their own cook space that will have 1 six foot table to prep on, and another six foot table to serve on.  A red table cloth will be provided for both.  We will have a plexiglass sign holder with your name on it.

-To register as a cook team fill out the form below and mail in along with fees or drop off to the store as soon as you can.  Once teams are full we cannot take more.

-Teams can load in at 8:15am, coffee and donuts will be waiting. 

-Eggs will be fired up and waiting. Eggs will be set at 300 degrees.  

-Chili should be ready to serve by 11:45am, tasting over at 1pm.

-Chili must assembled on site.

-Meat may be smoked beforehand.

-Eggs by the Bay will supply serving cups and spoons.

-Teams will be responsible for all cooking equipment outside of Big Green Egg and charcoal.

-Teams will have kitchen access for electricity and hot water for dish washing.

Team  #           Team Name                                           Head Cook